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DIY carpet cleaning - the pros and cons

Date Article posted: 13 February 2013

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Everybody wants to save money where possible and, as we approach the spring cleaning season, doing it yourself might seem an attractive proposition. For an odd room it might be worthwhile, but for anything more you might just be surprised at the effort that's required and the results might not last as long as you think. As professionals the equipment we use is countless times more powerful than your typical hire machine and gives a far deeper (and long lasting) clean. Because we are experienced we will get the job done far quicker than you can hope to achieve. We turn up, do the work, and go. You will have to go and collect the machine, do the work (taking longer than we will) and take the machine back. We have had comments such as "Wish I hadn't bothered" "Waste of time" "Left the carpets soaking wet" So before you decide give it some thought, why not call us for a quote anyway?

Actual answers from Netmums

Don't do it. You'll never do that in 24 hours with a Rug Doctor, especially if you have kids. Cleaning carpets is hard, physical work. If you're not used to it, you'll wear yourself out, and you will ache for days afterwards. They just don't clean to the same standard as a professional carpet cleaner. It might seem like a money saving idea, but in the long run, it will cost you more. Your carpets and sofa will be back to the same state in a couple of weeks. Save your knees and back, and hire a professional carpet cleaner. They could do that job in about 3-4 hours, will be dry in 2-3 hours or less. Contact a reputable local company (NOT ChemDry, or a franchise), and get a quote. Make sure they are insured.  Avoid companies that offer it too cheap, like £8.99 for a room, or £30 for two rooms. These will be "bait and switch" merchants, who tempt you with a cheap offer, then give you a hard sell for extra work when they arrive, and leave you a very unhappy customer. Unless you live in a stately home or mansion, avoid a high-end company as well, they will charge the earth, but will probably clean every fibre individually by hand, and you'll be able to eat your dinner off it. But that defeats the object of getting your carpets clean!  Hope that helps.

My daughter and I cleaned our house and we ended up with three problems: 1. there is no way to measure the cleaning fluid direct so we poured it into a measuring jug and some drips have permanently marked a wood dresser. 2. We pressed the 'go' button in the wrong position for a few seconds and the machine wore holes in the carpets and worst 3. 24 hours after finishing, a large orange stain came up into our cream carpet, which Rug Doctor say is because the carpet got too wet so its the backing coming through. Rug Doctor say all this is our fault.


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