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Q & A

How long will it take you to clean my carpets? »

At the time of your free survey, we can give you an accurate time scale. Again with the latest equipment we use, we will complete the work as fast as possible in order that your home or premises will return to normal as soon as possible.

Can you clean leather furniture? »

Of course! We love cleaning leather. To be kept in good condition leather should be cleaned regularly with a suitable gentle cleaner (Not baby wipes or Fairy Liquid please!) Afterwards it should be protected. Regular pigmented (finished or painted leather) has a lacquer finish so there is no point feeding it - it's sealed. A coat of protector gives extra help in protecting the leather finish itself.

Can you clean Upholstery? »

Yes, some cleaners don't touch upholstery work but we do. It may need a little more caution and pre-testing but we have a proven range of methods for cleaning ranging from a full wet clean to low moisture/foam only clean or dry clean.

How long will my carpets take to dry? »

There are a many factors to consider, the amount of soiling in the carpet, the length of pile, the weather, the temperature in the property. Part of a professional carpet cleaners skill is to clean the carpets as thoroughly as possible and leave the carpets as dry as possible. However with the latest equipment and methods we use they should be dry in 3 to 4 hours. Our low moisture cleaning system can give you dry carpets in as little as 30 minutes!

I have heard that carpets get dirty quicker once they have been cleaned. »

Using the correct cleaning system is important. Some systems and incorrect application methods may leave residues which accelerates re-soiling and defeats the whole purpose of cleaning. This is not the case with the systems and products that we of course use.

What about repairing and restoring leather? »

Worn, scuffed or scratched leather can be repaired and refinished. We can recolour and reseal. It's actually possible to completely change the colour of a piece of furniture - extreme maybe but possible.

What about vehicle interiors? »

No Problem! Whether it's fabric or leather we can clean it - and it might add a few pounds on the value if you are looking to sell your vehicle!

Will hot water extraction (steam cleaning) damage my carpet? »

No! Hot water extraction is the method preferred by Shaw Industries and many other major carpet manufacturers. It is considered by many to be the best method of removing embedded soil and other contaminants.

Will I have to clear all the furniture out of the room? »

No. Whilst we appreciate the removal of small objects and breakables, we have a system of working with larger pieces. This will cause less inconvenience to yourself.

Will my carpet shrink? »

Some carpets are prone to shrinkage. We can spot this at the time of your free survey, and can take measures for prevention.

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